Finally some Concept Art!

so i was looking at my banner and it says "character design | concept art | illustration" but ive never posted any concept art... wierd huh?

Anyway, they're mystical samurais. I especially like the last guy. What do you guys think?

peace out.



  1. Yeah id go with the 3 rd one, then the 1st... i dont like the middle one, it looks more like a gundam :P but they are all excellent as always

  2. they look a mash up of ironman meets samurais..lol awesome stuff as always and ya the third one looks more interesting, his eyes looks like hes not human but a creature or something. cant wait to see final version.

  3. robotic samurais a.k.a gundams. cool concepts/designs. i like the 1rst one..3rd guy is also cool cuz he's levitating and wat not.