Power Girl 2

I've been experimenting with ways to do digital pieces with lineart and its pretty tricky. It's really hard to get a nice clean line like you get with a real pencil and paper, but it's getting easier with every new drawing.

UPDATE: I originally had this darker color scheme, but i thought a light color would suit power girl more cuz she's a "good guy" but i still like the darker tone a bit better so i thought i'd share it with you guys. Which one do you prefer?

peace out.



  1. She's looking quite... powerful. Great work on her face (and everything else), I've gotta take note on that simple but very effective toning.

  2. yeah man, look at adam hughes' stuff, he's kinda what inspired the painting style.

  3. whoa! those things are massive :). i know wat u mean with the whole painting line-art thing. Even the pros in the industry do pencil sketches and either ink it or clean it up on the computer. i like the darker backdrop better..more of an attention grabber. never heard of Adam Hughes but i check him out.


  4. you said it man... the dark background looks better but the light one suits her better so... the line work is doing it, and the shadow eventhough is more simplified than most of your other paintings, it looks well done, like proper, itdoes the job for a comic type of illustration... maybe not a cover but a rly nice inside comic scene or panel.

  5. linked from your gf's video.

    your work is truly amazing!!
    i like the dark background better, but i agree with what you said about it matching her 'good guy' aspect.

    keep up the amazing work! ^^

  6. * i meant i agree with what you said about THE LIGHTER VERSION matching her 'good guy' aspect. oops!

  7. why does a woman have to have EXTREMELY large breasts to be considered powerful? I dont get it....
    other than that, i like hte lighter version better.

  8. i drew her with large breasts because she actually DOES have large breasts. she's a comic book character. google it lol.

  9. I was wondering where your sudden female following had come from...

    Definitely darker, makes her pop. Power Girl is really the only super heroine WITH breasts that large... it's one of the things that make her stand out against other characters...