Summer Caricatures

Ill start things off with a sketch of my good friend Juan. He's pretty much a Columbian Jay Leno.

I love afros.

This guy was a tourist from England. He's never had poutine so i figured i would treat him to one.

I asked her what kinda body she wanted. She said "you decide"...

I did this drawing of Gordon, i still like it with only the nose colored though. thats really all you need when it comes to gordo.

this wasnt a real person, but i thought it was a pretty cool drawing.

My friend/co-worker Catherine, sorry i dont have a pic of her but she pretty much looks like that haha.

these girls didnt know what they wanted so i drew this. i like the one on the right.

my favourite sketch of the season. they had a good sense of humour

This guy was the son of the big nosed people. (i think)

As you can probabbly tell I worked at Canada's Wonderland this summer as a caricature artist. I cant believe i was getting paid to make fun of people.

The best part is that I learned A LOT about drawing faces and just drawing in general. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills.

P.S.: I signed some of the drawings as "Jesus" cuz that's my middle name.

peace out.



  1. Nice pictures! I liked the couple one. I worked at Six Flags for the last two years and whenever we'd count their til bag, they'd draw us. Unfortunately I didnt get to count often so I didnt get mine drawn. But I love those!

  2. Great stuff man, that last one is wicked. Solid line work and toning.

  3. The linework on Juan is uber tight. Good work. There's a ton of quality in this post, but that linework stood out to me.