Chip and me

This is my lastest character design assignment. I had to draw 10 poses of a classmate and 10 of myself. It was a lot of fun and surprisignly challenging because i was really indesisive in terms of style. As you can see the design of me is sort of UPA, while Chip's design is a little more realistic in terms of proportion. I had a hard time drawing myself accurately at first but after A LOT of revisions, i draw something i was happy with. I hope you enjoy lookin at it as much as i enjoyed drawing it.

peace out



  1. dammmmmmmn. These are brilliant. Truly.

  2. LOL..i'm laughing at every pose but damm the popeyes, buwahahahaha. nice.

  3. see I come in handy bubbie my poses are well liked I see =P

  4. These are so cool, Freddy. I love them. I want to do this too now! :)