more street fighter

couldn't stop drawing SF characters


  1. Oh man these r sick, lol I had dream about SF the other night...so addictive.

  2. Man, that Akuma is sick, really nice line work.

  3. serious dude. nj on akuma. Lovig the pose of vega on the bottom. serious gesture loving that blue highlight around the coloured characters. like on blanka. really pops it out of the page
    1 criticism. not that major, but on most of your standing neutrals, you always got 1 arm hugging the torso. I don't know if its a design choice. perhaps a stronger silhouette would be created by bringing it away from the body. just a thought

  4. thanks for the critique adam!
    ive started to notice that i do that boring pose all the time and im trying to get away from that. the reason i do it though, is cuz im more worried about the design than the pose but i SHOULD be worrying about both cuz they go hand in hand.
    ill work on it!