pencil sketches... whattt???

i decided to try using pencil again after 2 sketchbooks of just marker and ballpoints.. 4B pencils are so smooth, the only problem is that they smudge like crazy.

pencil is a lot of fun, but i like the challenge of tryin to get it right on the first try, even though i usually fail haha

and yeah thats me with the fade.. im growin a flat top ^_^


  1. Hey Freddy, Give the PROGRESSO pencil a try. I use them and they feel great! Barely smudge as well.
    You can get them at the art store on spadina. I forget what its called. Lumes or something.Or next time you see me ask and if I have them on me you can try it out!

  2. Crazy sketches man!!I like the two guys on the left. Haha flat tops are the shit,a lot of maintenance tho

  3. I love the expression on the guy in the middle

  4. frankie- thanks for the heads up dude, ill try em out!

    gyimah- mine wont be as tall as yours lol

    adam- thanks dog!