in case you haven't noticed by now, i love drawin gangsters, i'm pretty sure it goes back to my childhood growin up in a pretty "ghetto" neighborhood. Luckily i didn't fall into the gangs and drugs, but i do love the emotion in the characters. It's all about the struggle.. the hustle. Get rich or die tryin, right?

Usually the first thing i draw whenever im warming up is a face similar to this one... just an angry black guy haha
this was a warm up sketch for the akuma below




  1. when are you going to come out with your own comic?

  2. how did you get 100 followers? i've got practically 1

  3. gyimah: thanks homie!

    ollie: whenever you have time! we should collab on a comic man, it would be so fresh

    bryan: why is ur username bryan? i know its you
    Worie lol. to answer your question; i'd say do whatever you can to get your name out there. what helped me a lot was just talking to people and showing my work. it helps to have an iphone haha