BLUE BALLS!!! ....[w.i.p.]

so this is my first full zbrush model.. ive done some others before but they never really got past the blocking stage. still needs a lot of work tho, im thinking of giving him a nice big belt and maybe high tops (supras?)

i would really appreciate any feedback & critiques
much love



  1. this is really sick man... cant belive you just wopt it out in a night specially your first one done... is really weird how much the face looks like a digital painting even though is 3D, good job there, i dont see that very ofter. which is a good thing id just say to maitain that troughout the whole body however you did that

  2. Yeeeah, put some supras on that guy. Looks dope

  3. Hey Fred,

    I saw your stuff in the animation art show on the 3rd floor. awesome stuff. love that bull dog you did.

    hope to see you around the studio.. :D

  4. ope.. i see what you were trying to do here.. i guess keep the 3d true to the 2d but it needs some work. you may have to stream line the shapes...you dont gotta make em boring but simply them enough into something with more appeal...easier said than done i know... which is why big up to you for attempting to take your design into 3D.. thats more than i have done...lol... keep it growing man.

  5. thanks for the comments guys,

    andre: i see what u mean.hes a bit lumpy. i originally wanted the incredibles look but its sooooo hard!! man, pixar makes it look so easy :(
    gotta keep it growin!!

  6. looking pretty sick, like the way you did the ribs and 6 pack, very subtle
    watch the shoulder muscles and how they meet up with the chest muscles and collar bones

  7. yeah your right, thanks for the feedback worie, i really appreciate it