CRIME: the animated series

Marcus Mcghee

Ive been helping out on this series for the past couple months. Each episode is a different style. It was a  lot of fun to work on. I was working under Sam Chou, owner of Style5.tv. He's a DOPE director and animator, so I learned a ton doing these. Hope you like it.

Here are some designs..

This next episode I handled the characters, Michele Assarassakorn did the BGs and storyboards were done by Adam Temple. Directed by Sam Chou.

Samson Styles: Fourth of July

some designs...

check out the rest of the episodes:

Nelson George 2008 INTERVIEW

I handled designs on this joint and helped with some boarding. it was fun working on something hip hop related for a change

He Was 28

This one was done by the amazing Michele Assarassakorn. Very creepy stuff

Joe Bascetta: Pelican Tattoo

This one is the work of Nathan Dewey. Reminds me of that awesome KORN video from way back

ok bye.

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